Welcome to Heritage Securities Ltd

HERITAGE SECURITIES Asset Management Limited is an investment advisory and fund management firm licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana (SEC) with a focus on creating an essential linkage between investors and investment opportunities in Ghana. We seek to provide professional services on the opportunities in the financial markets to borrowing or security issuing companies and investors alike.

The Company will task itself with continuous assessment of the Ghanaian economy so as to develop appropriate products and services that would meet the ever-changing and growing needs of the investment market. The ultimate goal is to make the investment or capital markets more attractive to investors and the general public and to assist them in making prudent investment choices through well-structured corporate advisory services.

HERITAGE SECURITIES Asset Management Limited seeks to bring immense transformation and growth in the capital market through the development of attractive products and services under pinned by appropriate public education and advisory services.

We are thus certain to generate a remarkable level of interest in the capital market among Ghanaians, both home and abroad, to create a large and loyal client base to achieve our set targets.

Fund Management

HERITAGE SECURITIES focuses on raising and managing funds for a wide range of clients (both retail and institutional) with the use of innovative methods and instruments to preserve and grow investments.

Corporate Finance

HERITAGE SECURITIES offers bespoke corporate finance advisory services such as;
• Business Valuation
• Mergers and Acquisitions
• Private Placement Arrangement

Financial Advisory/Research

Quality financial, economic and investment research is a hallmark of the firm. Our research analysts strive to uncover developments in the corporate and industry environment ahead of time.

Private Equity

Our Private Equity business seeks to provide private equity capital to developing economies in which we are active and is critical to our role as a promoter of economic growth and local entrepreneurial empowerment.


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